8-Trackin’: The Beatles ‘1967-1970’ (Tape One, Backwards) — 4 Comments

  1. For the record… As my friend Steve Woolard informs me, reverse listening can also be done with 2-track stereo open-reel tapes – these were issued between 1954-1958 and usually contained lounge or classical music. So technically it’s possible with open-reel if you have the right tapes and equipment.

    • Of course you can record your own 2-track stereo tapes and play them backwards. My friend John Collier recorded a series of cassettes of songs he wanted to hear backwards; a friend recorded them to 2-track reels, then played them back in reverse and recorded them back onto the cassettes.

  2. Tracklisting for backwards Beatles tape in this article:

    Noitulover • Eduj Yeh • Annodam Ydal
    Ruot Yretsym Lacigam • Eybdoog Olleh • Llih Eht No Loof • Evol Si Deen Uoy Lla
    Surlaw Eht Ma I • Efil Eht Ni Yad A • Sdnomaid Htiw Yks Eht Ni Ycul
    Sdneirf Ym Morf Pleh Elttil A Htiw • Dnab Bulc Straeh Ylenol S’reppep .Tgs • Enal Ynnep • Reverof Sdleif Yrrebwarts

  3. Reverof Sdlief Yrrebwarts definitely calls out for a backwards listen. Another Beatles song that is AMAZING backwards and in many ways similar to the released version is 9 Noitulover.

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