8-Trackin’: Paul McCartney, ‘Cold Cuts’ (Custom 8-Track, 1971-79) — 3 Comments

  1. It was only yesterday that I got the 2014 2 disc reissue o’ Wings-Venus And Mars cd. The bonus disc includes My Carnival, Going To New Orleans (My Carnival), Hey Diddle (Ernie Winfrey Mix) ‘n other assorted rarities.

  2. Yeah man! Apparently the Venus & Mars sessions were extremely productive and left Paul and the band with way too much material for an album. Hey Diddle’s a great one, great overdubs at the Sally G Nashville sessions.

  3. Cold Cuts was an album that Paul McCartney planned to release as an official album. During a period of time, Paul and various producers were remixing some of the songs that would eventually make the album, but when the murder of John Lennon came in 1980, Paul put its respective release on hold, and returned in the late 1980’s to revisit the project, but again, it was put on hold, but this time, it was indefinite and Paul never revisited it again. There is also an urban legend going around that the song “Same Time Next Year” was written and recorded by Paul for consideration for the film adaption of the play of the same name, but was rejected by the film’s producers and director. I have the 1987 version on vinyl and IMHO, these songs are actually pretty good and one can only wonder how life would’ve been had this album and it’s companion, “Another Early Version” were officially released. There was also another bootleg release called “Hot Hits/Cold Cuts(sometimes misspelled as “Kold Kuts” for humorous reasons)”, but that is unrelated as this particular bootleg focuses mostly on B-Sides of singles that Paul officially released, so basically, it was, IMHO, sort of a rip-off bootleg album, but fans did buy this particular bootleg album just to have it in their record collections. I read a lot about the “Cold Cuts” album in a book called “Meet the Beatles Again”, which compiled interviews from people who were influenced by the Beatles and by the then remaining three surviving Beatles and Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono, and it has interviews by Paul, in one chapter, talking about the “Cold Cuts” album and that is where I got what I’m sharing here. Great blog as I follow it regularly. Thanks for sharing.

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