8-Trackin’: Ad-stravaganza: Join The Club! — 3 Comments

  1. Those were the days my friend. I was one who benefited from such amazing deals. Trash by Robin Gibb one o’ your favorite songs? I’m speechless.

    • Did you listen, Juan? Really sad song about how unpredictable life is and how the junk we collect brings us comfort and a sense of permanence. I can certainly identify!

  2. Record Club of America has a strange backstory and carried all manner of weird stuff. They were sued into bankruptcy by the major labels in 1974. Their stock sat in the warehouse in York, PA until around 1999, when a local audiophile CD / vinyl mail order firm acquired their stock and sold most of it off. That company had a couple names but were known as Red Trumpet when they themselves went under a few years later. I bought a bunch of sealed tapes- all cassettes- shortly before that. They told me there was a huge inventory of sealed 8-tracks but I think the proprietor had to flee the country or something. No idea if the tapes were ever sold off. Search on “Red Trumpet bankruptcy”, there’s some info on audiophile oriented forums. The Record Club vinyl find was covered in Stereophile at the time- it was mostly bad seventies pop LPs priced very high from what I recall.

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