Vintage Commercials: Stylistics At The Apollo & WPLJ Rock Radio (1978) — 2 Comments

  1. It’s interesting’ to find out that WPLJ is a radio station in New York. The Mothers Of Invention have a song called WPLJ on the album Burnt Weenie Sandwich. They don’t reference the radio station but instead sing White Port ‘n Lemon Juice. I wonder if WPLJ played WPLJ…

  2. Looks like the station was named after the tune. According to Wikipedia:
    “On February 14, 1971, the station’s call letters were changed to WPLJ,[12] chosen after Allen Shaw noticed the letter combination as the name of a song on the 1970 Mothers of Invention record, Burnt Weeny Sandwich. The song, ‘W-P-L-J’, was originally performed by the Four Deuces in 1955 and stood for ‘White Port and Lemon Juice’.’

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