Classic Years:

Classic 1970s Line-Up:
Dan McCafferty (vocals), Manny Charlton (guitar), Pete Agnew (bass), Darrell Sweet (drums)

Other 1970s Band Members/Players:
Zal Cleminson (guitar), Roger Glover (bass, production), Vicki Brown, Liza Strike, Barry St. John (backing vocals)

1970s Albums:
Nazareth (1971), Exercises (1972), Razamanaz (1973), Loud ‘n’ Proud (1973), Rampant (1974), Hair of the Dog (1975), Greatest Hits (1975), Close Enough for Rock ‘n’ Roll (1976), Play ‘n’ the Game (1976), Hot Tracks (1976), Expect No Mercy (1977), No Mean City (1978)

1970s Hits:
“Broken Down Angel” (1973), “Love Hurts” (1975), “My White Bicycle” (1975)

Cherry Stereo‘s Album Picks:
Hair of the Dog

Cherry Stereo‘s Recommended Tracks:
“Razamanaz” (1973), “Hair Of The Dog” (1975), “Loretta” (1976)

Interesting Fact:
Singer Dan McCafferty, who retired from the band in 2013 due to chronic breathing problems, barely missed the UK Top 40 with his 1975 solo single “Out Of Time.”

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