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Al Green


Classic Years:

Classic 1970s Line-Up:
Al Green (vocals), Mabon “Teenie” Hodges (guitar), Leroy Hodges (bass), Howard Grimes (drums), Charles Hodges, (organ, piano)

Other 1970s Band Members/Players:
Willie Mitchell (production, engineering, song writing), The Memphis Strings (strings), Charles Chalmers, Donna Rhodes, Sandra Rhodes (backing vocals), Jack Hale (trombone), Wayne Jackson (trumpet), Al Jackson, Jr. (drums), Andrew Love (horns, sax), James Mitchell (sax), Ed Logan (horns, sax)

1970s Albums:
Al Green Gets Next to You (1971), Let’s Stay Together (1972), I’m Still in Love with You (1972), Call Me (1973), Livin’ for You (1973), Al Green Explores Your Mind (1974), Al Green’s Greatest Hits (1975), Al Green Is Love (1975), Full of Fire (1976), Have a Good Time (1976), Al Green’s Greatest Hits – Volume II (1977), The Belle Album (1977), Truth n’ Time (1978)

1970s Hits:
“Tired of Being Alone” (1971), “I’m Still In Love With You” (1972), “Love and Happiness” (1972), “Call Me (Come Back Home)” (1973)

Cherry Stereo‘s Album Picks:
Let’s Stay Together

Cherry Stereo‘s Recommended Tracks:
“Let’s Stay Together” (1972), “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)” (1973)

Interesting Fact:
Al Green became an ordained pastor in 1976 and is also known as “The Reverend.” He preaches in Memphis, Tennessee.

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