8-Trackin’: Tomita, ‘Snowflakes Are Dancing’ (1974); Yellow Magic Orchestra (Self-Titled, 1979) — 3 Comments

  1. As I look at it, the use of Tomita’s first name on the end label is unusual; he’s usually shown as just Tomita, though the US LP labels also include “Isao.”

  2. Matsutake was the key person on both albums featured. He had actaually worked with YMO members several times previously; the link came through Akiko Yano who according to Matsutake was the first Japanese artist to use sequencers. She started recordings as far back as ‘73 but then took time out when she had her first child, eventually returning in ‘76. Firecracker was part of the Hosono live set (Yano and Sakamoto in the band) from ‘76, but it was actually a late addition to the first YMO album NOT the key inspiration / central number it is thought to be. The original opening number after computer game was supposed to be Indo / India which didn’t get released until 2000. This track has a lot of similarity to the Cochin Moon album Hosono did with Matsutake and Sakamoto just prior to the first YMO album. Takahashi came to the band via Sakamoto who was his arranger/producer following the split of the Sadistic Mika Band. Both also performed as back-up musicians for other artists in the mid 70s, finally working with Hosono on Yukihiro’s debut solo album. Great article, love both albums.

    • WOW! Thank you for the insightful rundown! I really appreciate your additional info here. I was into Exotica music at the time I learned of Hosono (an adjunct to my late 90s affinity for Pizzicato Five and Shibuya-kei music), so I’m bummed I didn’t know he’d done some exotica himself.

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