8-Trackin’: The Tubes, ‘Remote Control’ (1979) — 2 Comments

  1. I love the fact that you have a KLRB concert pass to the 1979 show at the Santa Cruz Civic. I saw them there-I think it was the previous year. I’ll never forget the shock and disbelief when mid show the house lights came on while Che type men with beards,black berets and machine guns strolled among the crowd and someone on the loud system announced This is not a joke.Make your way to the nearest exit. The stoned audience didn’t know what was going on. Soon thereafter the band was into their next song as if nothing had happened. Only the outrageous Tubes could get away with such shenanigans!

    • Santa Cruz Civic was (is?) such a great venue, only an hour away and pretty easy street parking; we didn’t know how good we had it! Thank goodness for the proximity of a college town like Santa Cruz for all the bands to stop in. Saw the Tubes there at least once earlier (’77 maybe?), and a very memorable Devo show as well. Crazy about the Che guard scene; I wonder if that was a set piece for their Latin number Malagueña Salerosa?

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