8-Trackin’: Rolling Your Own — 2 Comments

  1. A couple things I forgot to mention:
    1) You’ll need a deck that records 8-track tapes. They’re not hard to find, in fact they’re as plentiful as simple playback component models. You can plug it into your stereo or directly into your laptop with 2xRCA connectors.
    2) As with all used tapes, it’s a good idea to put new foil splices and foam pads on your recordables before you use them. (I’ll detail this process in a future post).
    Have fun rolling your own!

  2. Educate yourself on setting recording levels. It’s crucial in learning how to get amazing recordings. I run a hot signal. I push it to where it barely touches the red at the heaviest part of a song. But don’t use just one song to test the recording levels. Check the loudest songs on the album. If you have a counter on your 8 track player, play track four on the blank tarp in its entirety to see how much space is available for each track. You can’t just throw in a blank tape and assume you are gonna a get 90 minutes exactly. Sometimes you get a bonus minute or two of tape, other times they nip you by a minute or two.

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