8-Trackin’: Ohio Players, ‘Fire’ (1974) — 7 Comments

  1. This music takes me back to the late 70’s at Odyssey Records on Cannery Row. We spun Ohio Players on the overhead and watched the sales skyrocket. If the music was the teaser the cover art sealed the deal.Johnny “Guitar” Watson and Gato Barbieri followed suit.

  2. In a feature in The Quietus, Bootsy Collins wrote this about them. “I knew The Ohio Players before they even had records. They were playing around Cincinnati around the time that we were. This was before we got together with James Brown when they were the first professional group that I’d ever, ever seen. They were just so on it. To me, they were better before the records and I got to feel the stuff they didn’t know they was doing. When they started to make records, they made records to make records, you know? But before that, they was raw; so raw. I got a chance to see that and they’d really put on a show.”

    • That would have been something amazing to see. Their first album was in ’69, so I guess he was referring to the mid to late ’60s.

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