8-Trackin’: Marvin Gaye, ‘Here, My Dear’ (1978) — 3 Comments

  1. I bought this album on vinyl long after it had been released because I was a Marvin Gaye fan. It was a bargain ‘n I wanted to give it a listen. I was pleasantly surprised by what a great album it was,even though I wasn’t expecting too much.

    • The cover art and title are kind of strange until you know “what’s going on” with the album; I think they put a lot of people off. Glad you dug it, it’s a pretty amazing piece of work. Thanks as always for reading, Juan!

  2. I didn’t talk about it in the review, but the song “Sparrow” deserves a mention. Taken literally, it’s Marvin talking to a bird to encourage it to keep singing. But it’s clearly about him hoping to encourage the “bird” of his own creativity, hoping it survives this emotional ordeal. He references several of his own songs and even gives himself a namecheck!

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