8-Trackin’: Kiss – ‘Alive!’ (1975); ‘Alive II’ (1977) — 4 Comments

  1. Nice article, Andrew! Glad the Columbia House flyer tucked inside my vinyl LP copy of ALIVE II (along with the remaining unused tattoos… wonder if those still work after 40 years?) came in handy!

  2. Thanks Chuck! Your comments (and record club flyers) were invaluable in developing this post. There are no ex-members of the Kiss Army, only brave soldiers like you…

  3. Another element of the 8-track releases of the album not present in my pictures is the “Special Offer” promos of both releases. Both LP versions included glossy 8-page, LP-size photo booklets (the Alive II book is entitled “The Evolution of KISS”), and the record company made these available to 8-track buyers as well. Alive! included the “Special Offer” mail-in info printed on the cartridge label itself in place of album cover art (which was presumably on a custom cardboard slipcase). Alive II included the mail-in offer on an insert card included in the double-cartridge set. Cost for the first album’s booklet was a mere 50¢ but by Alive II the price had gone up to $1.

  4. Just to bring things full circle… by 1996 all transgressions against KISS in the name of the “Tonight Show” were totally forgiven. Could there be better proof of this? In the wake of the 1996 reunion of the original 4 members of KISS, with the makeup going back on, a live compilation YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU GOT THE BEST, combining songs from ALIVE! and ALIVE II with several “new” songs, a 17-minute interview with Jay Leno (then-current host of “The Tonight Show”) was included, both on CD and vinyl versions (sorry, no 8-track… unless we roll our own!).

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