8-Trackin’ (Crazy Eights): The B-52’s (Album, 1979) & ‘So Wrong They’re Right’ (Film, 1995) — 4 Comments

  1. I was-a-gonna seek out So Wrong They’re Right ‘n you’ve made it easy by postin’ it here-cool! Listened to B-52’s Wild Planet last week. They always remind me o’ our friend Katie ‘n the parties where we danced to their music. Good times.

    • That’s something I didn’t have room for in the post – what a solid dance and party album this is. All nine songs are just great for dancing – no slow numbers or space-out tracks. The band’s danceability was apparently demanded by the Athens party scene – their manager says, “If an Athens band played and nobody danced, they never played again.” One particular joy I’d forgotten about was interpreting the “sixteen dances” in Dance This Mess Around – while dancing you’d act out your own crazy version of the Hypocrite, the Shy Tuna, the Camel Walk, the Aqua Velva…

  2. Enjoyed the So Wrong They’re Right documentary. Burnsee was playin’ an Ananda Shankar 8 track ’bout 30 mins. in. Bobby Suit’s do rules O.K.! “All our friends think we’re nuts but we’ve got these(8 tracks) ‘n they don’t.”

    • I noticed the Ananda Shankar and thought of you ’cause you turned me onto that one! Thanks for reminiscing about Katie & B-52’s, good times those were indeed!

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