8-Trackin’: Cat Stevens, Sonny & Cher, Bee Gees Reissues (1971-78) — 2 Comments

  1. It should be noted that “very young” in the Cat Stevens album title predated his own song “Oh Very Young” by a few years.

  2. Another release that fits in here came too late in the mail to include. Happily it falls on the “good” side: ‘Goldfingers’ (plural) by Billy Preston, a comp of two 1965 albums released to capitalize on Billy’s early 70s success with “Space Race” and “Nothing From Nothing.” This double album and double-length tape mixes pop covers (“Downtown”) with originals, all Billy organ instrumentals with a tight, loud little combo (think Ventures on organ). Released on budget label Trip, who also issued a kinda crappy Dr. John set along the same lines. But ‘Goldfingers’ is highly recommended in any format.

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