8-Trackin’: Cart Shopping – 8-Trackin’ In Seattle! — 3 Comments

  1. Slow Dazzle and Mothermania-great finds! Congratulations on yer fruitful shopping spree and thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • I also grabbed three Tulls: Aqualung (finally!), A Passion Play, and “A.” Was really impressed with Passion Play, which I hadn’t heard recently (or ever?). I also grabbed King Crimson – Islands on your recommendation. At a car swap meet (!) today, was blown away to find Leo Kottke – 6 and 12 String Guitar and Mahavishnu Orchestra – Apocalypse, both on 8-track.

  2. Sounds like I need to make a trip to the nw coast
    Great finds you got. Excited to know that Whipped Cream is on 8track. I have it on vinyl. Love finding the “cheesecake” album covers.

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