8-Trackin’: Beach Boys, ‘Wild Honey’ & ’20/20′ (1974 Reissue) — 2 Comments

  1. Just after I submitted this story to David for posting, I realized I’d forgotten to mention one of the most beloved songs on ‘Wild Honey,’ “Let The Wind Blow.” It’s a hypnotic, wistful waltz written in the style of a prayer (perhaps inspired by “What The World Needs Now”). Brian wrote a similar if more trivial number on ’20/20′ called “I Went To Sleep.” Other cool ‘Wild Honey’ trax: “Aren’t You Glad” is perhaps the best expression of the newfound soul vibe that keeps its energy in check. “Here Comes The Night” is also swell, though if you’re searching on YouTube, avoid the band’s horrible ten-minute disco remake from 1979! What were they thinking, honestly…

  2. Thanks for includin’ Be With Me on your playlist. Although I have these albums that song never really registered with me until now.

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